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Gay casual dating blogs are nesseccary in a today life where everyone is free to do what he wants but there are too many options to choose from. Hookup experts are sharing their best tips and advice. 

The categories of gay singles, their visual characteristics, and what they seek in sex, all that can be learned in the blog and easily achieved. The dos and don’ts of LGBTQ hookups must be known. 

Become with us a pro in gay one-night-stands and subculture, gain as much knowledge as you need for successful hookups. Build a social circle of gay personals for friendships with benefits. 

No strings attached affairs are crucial for our well-being as they liberate us and leave enough personal space for hobbies or self-development in the professional area. It’s also a prologue to longer relationships. 

In the environment full of stresses and challenges, singles should learn to be self-confident and to express their real desires freely. This is what Best Gay Hookup about and we keep on working on it. 

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How do I meet a single gay 

Hot gay personals can be met in many places today, not just on niche events or in LGBTQ clubs. There are no borders or boundaries that would limit our imagination and quest for casual sex. 

Still, there are best hints on where to find a gay partner for one night. Discover our best articles and essays dedicated to best hookup spots, and keep on developing your pickup skills. 

Some gay singles are interested in travel dating while others prefer local affairs. Our nsa advice depends on that and provides you with multiple options, always. Enjoy new horizons with us. 

How to look on a gay meeting, which best pickup lines for gay conversation to say, learn from our top authors and start your jorney with a brand new quality and gained talents. 

Remember other LGBTQ folks are also expecting some initiative from you, so remain active and well educated in modern gay matters. It’ll help you on a way to self discovery and satisfaction. 

How to have a first gay hookup 

Prepare well for the brightest adventure in your sexual life. Your first gay experience can be going out together or indoor party, but it’s going to be unforgettable. This is how it happens, experts say. 

One makes sure he is neat, stylish, full of energy, and determined to impress his first gay lover. Then a meeting is set up in any place convenient for both parts, cosy and comfortable. 

It shouldn’t always be like a full-length date with all is attributes. So do not be stressed over hookuping right at the club or the pub private room. Sober gay hookups are better for the first time though. 

Then you control your body better, analyse your sensations and desires, create new fantasies, suggest sex positions to try. Sober hookups are helping to understand whether it’s your thing, at all. 

There are other great ways to get laid with a gay single for the first time, such as sexy getaways or a night in the train together. Just follow the LGBT hookup blogs to get to know more.

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Best Gay Hookup cares to support its audience informationally, suggest best ideas for gay sex, and inspire to be creative in the intimacy. Our psychologists make sure to provide the top advice. 

We do cover all topics that could assist in staying away from sexual abuse or possible traumas. We encourage HIV positive personals to live a full life and use only highly trusted online platforms. 

We cooperate with the amateur authors who have what to say, and wait for the samples of their works to our email address. We also offer travel tips but do not organize the LGBTQ tours so far. 

Qualitative help is highly appreciated by the users who have received it at least once. Our team makes detailed reviews of the safe gay dating apps and sites meant for hookups only. 

Moreover, we compose our own top lists with ratings where all kinds of adult dating sites for gay communities and sex positive people are complied all in one place. We are committed to do so. 

If you want us to publish your success story, your critics, or your personal researches on niche gay affairs, feel free to contact us. We are most focused on our followers’ opinions and comfort. 

Best Gay Hookup


Our readers and site visitors are the most grateful audience. We keep on receiving their feedback daily, and would like to share some touching stories with the newcomers and friends. 

“Best Gay Hookup is my favorite resource where I’m meeting new people ad finding top ideas to get laid or look more trendy. The team inspires me to gain new friendships and travel companions. 

I wish I learned earlier about this great platform. Already a few real-life buddies of mine know about it, and rate it high. We learned how to respect ourselves, how to hook up safely, and more”. (Dan, 28, NYC)

“Gay partying and attending LGBTQ events actually has too many nuances. If someone is a newcomer who just made his coming out and doesn’t know where to start, it’s better to listen to experts. 

Best Gay Hookup are exactly a gathering of such specialists and their educative materials actually helped me a lot. I had plenty of casual partners since, and I am now ready to smth bigger.

I shall recommend this particular gay blog to my friends who want to dive deeper into the subculture. Thanks for making us more intelligent, more demanded among like-minded singles”. (Rich, 19, Texas)